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In Jeddah, Al Balad is known to be active zone during Ramadan. This year,

Al Balad launched a festival that amplified the known Ramadan festivities and introduced New activations in three main tracks: Experiences, Edutainment and Food & Beverages.

With the packed schedule of Al-Balad’s activations, we wanted to develop an organic approach to communication that will ensure the following:

  • Deliver the authentic on-ground experience to the viewers at home.
  • Keep the content novel and renewed everyday.
  • Minimize the risk of overcrowding the audience with information.
    Minimize diluting the value of the experience

Concept Development, 360°


Combining the rich heritage and storytelling aspects of Al-Balad and the evolving experiences that the Jeddah Historic Program are developing, comes the theme:

Set expectations 

  • Tease the activities.
  • Announce the theme.
  • Announce types of activities.

Relay key information

  • Event program.
  • Timeline.
  • List of activations.

Explore the map

  • Per activation coverage.
  • Per zone/area coverage.
  • Per event coverage

Relay key information

  • Engage with the experiences.
  • Create daily content

We love what we do for a living and sharing our clients’ success. This specific case highlights the significant growth and increased brand recognition achieved through our dedicated efforts to provide exceptional service

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